Welcome to MoTMC

MoTMC group is focused on providing drug development and manufacturing strategies to the companies of APIs, concentrating on providing services to SMEs/ Emerging and Specialty pharma companies.

MoTMC employs a diverse group of former senior managers from the pharmaceutical industry with expertise in development of APIs ( NO BASIC RESEARCH) and analytical development, supply chain strategy, manufacturing operations, quality control, quality assurance and regulatory affair.

Shifting of global Pharma - API marketing Trends

The social, demographic and economic context in which the global pharmaceutical industry operates is fast changing.

1. Developed and far east economies with spiralling healthcare costs are looking for, to prune the health care expenses.

2. On other hand tax payers are demanding a reimbursement model based on healthcare outcomes, and global pharmaceutical companies are under pressure from government agencies to cut the drug prices.

Strategic initiatives of global API majors

Emerging markets (BRIC nations) particularly India and China offer a ray of hope for the global pharma industry as these two countries offer large domestic markets, product development skills, scientific knowledge and talent are being increasingly sought by pharma MNCs to tackle the challenges of growth and innovation.

So to remain competitive in international markets:

1. . Pharma MNCs are preferring partnerships with Indian pharma majors through acquisitions, collaborations.

2. . While negotiating with Indian pharma companies for a partnership , global pharma majors are looking for knowledge capabilities particularly with reference to Quality system inculcation throughout organization , plant capacities, regulatory compliances and finally management controls (both financial and operational).

Driving Forces for change in global pharma –API Trends

1. . Impending patent litigations.

2. . Linear growth in R&D productivity with decreased pipe line products in new drugs.

3. . Increase drug discovery costs.

4. .Increased regulatory measures threaten the sustainability of the pharma industry’s current business model.

Strategy of Indian pharma Majors

In the meantime, Indian pharma majors are also looking to move the value chain and would like to change the perception of India as cheap manufacturing base to that of genuine intellectual contributor by manufacturing complex molecules in collaboration with Innovator Company.

Crams Market

As per ASSOCHAM, India’s pharmaceuticals shall grow to $50 to $55 bn by 2020 from $30bn of 2010-15. The pharmaceutical contract manufacturing market is expected to hit revenues of $80.5 billion in 2019, according to a report by business intelligence provider (Visiongain).

All most all major Indian pharma companies are in partnership with MNCs pharma companies through CRAMS/CMO/ CCS/ Alliances/ and M&As. In turn, all Indian pharma majors are contracted with SMEs and Emerging- API companies to manufacture API-intermediates.


Main challenge, now, arises how SMEs/ emerging –API companies, will face the dynamics of technology changes / quality issues/ increased regulatory measures/ management controls.

What We Do

MoTMC provides direction and guide to resolve the above issues and we have expertise in the following technology and management systems of APIs.